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Results at the Speed of Business.  Most organizations want professional results "at the speed of business" - that is, in a reasonable time frame that supports business objectives and strategy.  If you desire to  reach your performance and quality goals in the shortest time possible, we should talk. We typically start with a brief assessment of the organization's culture, current process capability, and the current focus on performance improvement. Recommendations for an improvement framework (CMMI, Lean, agile, six sigma, ITIL) are based on the results of the assessment and the organization's goals.  Most often, We recommend a framework based on the CMMI, but inclusive of Lean, ITIL, etc., depending on the business context.

Our Approach: The EASPI consulting approach is extremely cost effective, providing a level of service over an agreed time frame.  This time frame is based on an initial assessment, the organization's performance and quality goals, and the organizational scope of the performance improvement effort. The intent is that, when we reach agreement on the length and intensity of the engagement, your organization will have a reasonable probability of reaching its goals.  We provide a full range of CMMI/Lean/Six Sigma services to see your organization through the entire performance improvement life cycle, from organizing for improvement, to the development of process approaches, and the entire spectrum of appraisal services.    

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Small organization or small teams?  EASPI has extensive experience in guiding small organizations to the successful adoption of CMMI models, including Development and Services.  These Lean implementations are responsive to the special needs of small businesses, and typically attain process capability and performance goals in relatively short time frames.

As an example, we've actually established a software development project that was sized at 0.7 "full time equivalent" persons - not a full time effort for even one person! This project was actually (successfully) included in a Maturity Level 3 CMMI appraisal.

Your organization may be interested in applying EASPI's  Intelligent Improvement FrameworkSM to focus improvement efforts, reduce resource investment, improve the effectiveness of work processes and procedures, and speed up the improvement program. The framework helps our clients to determine what the improvement drivers are, then use those drivers to define the characteristics of their Intelligent Change EngineSM. 

And since we've found that clients may have a difficult time defining what to measure, how, and for what reasons, we've developed the EASPI Intelligent Measurement SystemSM.

A stellar (FREE) proposal: Tell us what your capability/performance/quality improvement and CMMI objectives are, and the time frame in which you would like to realize those objectives. Then let us do an assessment of your organization (you pay only travel expenses). The assessment will look not just at where your organization is in terms of implementing the practices of the CMMI (for Development and/or Services), but at such issues as your current approach for performance improvement, how projects are planned, executed, and monitored, how teams are formed, whether and how root cause analysis is performed, how the company communicates internally, and other cultural aspects of the organization that are relevant to success in CMMI model implementation.

After the assessment, we will provide to you a risk assessment of attaining the objectives you've set in the time frame you've indicated, along with risk mitigation recommendations and strategic considerations for your "way ahead". We will also provide to you a level-term cost commitment on our part which we believe will support achievement of your objectives. The degree of our involvement in coaching, teaching, consulting, and risk mitigation is entirely dependent on your risk profile. Our commitment to you is that, as long as your organization makes a suitable effort to achieve its goals in response to our guidance, you should expect to achieve those goals and satisfactorily "pass" your SCAMPI A appraisal.  This is in no way a guarantee of success - but it does reflect a reasonable expectation.

If you then contract with us to support your effort, great!  If not, perhaps you'll have something nice to say about us to others......


EASPI is a Certified Federal Contractor and Woman-Owned Small Business.

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